Thursday, 23 July 2009

Alice in Wonderland - Official Trailer

I am SO excited about this!

I've been hearing little snippets about this film for a while now and now I finally get to watch the trailer.... over and over again!

I'm glad that Tim Burton is doing it. It looks really trippy, which is how Alice in Wonderland was originally intended to be. It does look a little too CGI, but then I suppose how else would they get the scenery and overall trippy effect? OH and it's released the day after my birthday. Hurrah!


  1. I've been looking foward to this film since the original reinvisioning with Sarah Michelle Geller was scrapped. Anne Hathaway though... eh.

  2. @Marie - Sarah Michelle Gellar?! Well that's a relief! haha. Well at least Anne Hathaway isn't playing Alice though. I heard ages ago that she was, which would have been a bit odd considering she's a) not a child, and b) very dark haired. Hmmm

  3. Yeah, back in about 2006 there was going to be an Alice film where Alice had grown up and had to go back down the rabbit hole. They got as far as casting SMG as Alice and a release date of 2008.


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