Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sparkling pink eyes

Well that wasn't such a good start. One post and then nothing for days! I have been stupidly busy though. I spent the weekend in Surrey visiting my boyfriend's family, so I decided to use my Babyliss Conical Wand. I had only used it once before and it looked awful to be honest. I think I just needed practice though, as this time it came out much nicer!

I'm not naked, honestly, it's a strapless dress!

I also made use of some new Barry M eyeshadows I bought the other day:

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I think you get the idea. I really like how this look came out. This is how I did it:
  • First I applied some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion all over the lids.
  • I then swept a thin layer of Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in "7" (pale pink), and put a tiny sweep just under the lower lashes.
  • I used a slightly finer eyeshadow brush to apply Barry M Dazzle Dust number 85 (neon pink) just along the upper lash line, then lightly blended it outwards into the pale pink.
  • Then I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion dipped into the neon pink eyeshadow to apply it as an eyeliner along the upper lash line, just to create a brighter pink near the lashes.
  • Finally I put a coat of L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black on my lashes, not too much as I wanted the focus to stay on the pink.

That's it! Definitely a look I'll be doing again. I absolutely adore the Eyeshadow Tranforming Potion. It makes any loose power eyeshadow so much more bold and it stays on all day. It has a thicker brush on the other end too for when you want to coat your whole lid rather than just line it.

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