Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My (lack of) style

I'm been having a bit of a play on Polyvore. It's so much fun, it's like therapy for me. I can let my creative juices run free and not care what anyone else thinks and, when you are as poor as I am at the moment, it's the next best thing to going shopping!

I came up with the mish-mash pictured above. I have never claimed to be fashionable. I don't really have "style". I tend to wear whatever I think looks good on a particular day, and this may not be what everyone else considers fashionable at the time. When it comes to buying clothes I go for all sorts. I have classic pieces, floral and girly dresses, things that are very "on trend" and probably be discarded this time next year. I also have a lot of clothes that people might describe as "rocker", "scene", "grunge" etc. I don't like slotting into one particular catagory. A friend once said to me "I love that you can wear that dress and not give a shit. It looks awesome on you but I just couldn't pull it off". That's the key - not giving a shit. I like my clothes. Not everyone does, but I like it that way.

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